Manufacturer: Vodavi

Model: SPD

Software Version: Must have enhanced software for voice mail features to work!

Hardware Requirements: Single line ports with DTMF receiver and Ring Generator

VoiceTrak Parameter Settings:

Custom Page 2 Message Light On 420,E
Custom Page 2 Message Light Off 421,E

Important: All other VoiceTrak parameters must be set to Default.

Use Tone/Cadence file: vodavi.spd


The Vodavi system has some of the best features for voice mail we've ever seen. The Vodavi with enhanced software includes complete in-band integration including message lights, follow-on ID so calls transferred to a station which is busy or not answered can forward to a personal greeting on VoiceTrak, one-touch mailbox access, and quick disconnect using a DTMF disconnect string.

VoiceTrak Mailbox Types - All mailboxes should be N type for no monitoring during call transfers. Also note that hunt groups can and in some cases should be given VoiceTrak mailboxes. Hunt groups can forward to a unique mailbox number on a busy or no answer condition.

Transfer to fax machine. The tone table includes incoming fax detection. You may add an "X" type mailbox which transfers to a fax machine. Also add a line to the VOICE.BAT file which says: 'SET FAX_BOX=xxx' where xxx is mailbox for the fax machine. Not all fax machines send good CNG tones and will not transfer, but if fax tones are detected, the call will transfer to the extension specified in the FAX_BOX setting.

Programming Notes

Background. According to Vodavi technical support, the Vodavi 4896 digital system supports full in-band integration when ordered with enhanced software. The basic system software does not include the in-band integration but all enhanced versions have the capability. The single line boards include 12 ports. Also required is a DTMF receiver board and a ring generator. The Tri Output power supply, which is optional on the system, can also provide the ring generator signal.

Programming the Vodavi Starplus SPD 4896

Please refer to section 655 of the Vodavi manual (655.1) for specific programming instructions. The values to be set are:

If the call is forwarded to VoiceTrak on a busy or no answered condition, the Vodavi should send a single "#" plus the extension number.

A retrieve message key may be programmed. This key should call VoiceTrak, and after connection should send a "*" plus the extension number. The calling party will hear, "Please enter your password". (This provides one-touch mailbox access).

A disconnect signal can be programmed. This should be defined as the "#" key repeated five times ("#####"). This sequence will exit VoiceTrak from any point in the program.

Programming VoiceTrak

All mailboxes should be "N" type for unsupervised transfers.


VoiceTrak can be used as an automated attendant on some or all lines, some or all of the time. CO calls can be directed to VoiceTrak. The caller can select a mailbox and be transferred to the appropriate extension.

Calls can also be manually transferred to stations.

If the station is busy or not answered, the Vodavi will call VoiceTrak and forward the caller to the personal greeting of the called party.

If the caller leaves a message, VoiceTrak will activate the message light of the called party.

The called party can touch one key on their telephone and retrieve the message. When the called party calls his personal mailbox, VoiceTrak will send a code to extinguish the message light on the phone.