Tadiran Coral

Model: Coral

Software Version: 6.0+ or 7.0+

Hardware Requirements: 8S or 16S card

VoiceTrak Parameter Settings:

Custom Page 2 Message Light On 175E
Message Light Off 1440E

Important: All other VoiceTrak parameters must be set to Default.

Use Tone/Cadence file: TADIRAN.400


Disconnect provided by busy signal returned from switch.

VoiceTrak mailbox types should be supervised (R) only except for the attendant position.

Drop Operator does not function properly if all attendant loop keys are busy. Intercom calls have a lower priority on this switch and calls transferred from VoiceTrak to the attendant may be disconnected by the switch if all loop positions are occupied on the attendant console.

This integration information is provided as a service to VoiceTrak dealers. VoiceTrak does not assume responsibility for the content or accuracy of this information. The dealer is responsible for insuring the telephone equipment provides the necessary features to support voice mail operation.