Manufacturer: SRX

Model: Vision LS

Software Version: 6.4

Hardware Requirements: Must have Analog Card part number 1502702 for LC disconnect signal. 1502701 does not provide LC disconnect.

VoiceTrak Parameter Settings:

Custom Page 1 No Answer Return &,*3
Custom Page 1 Busy Return &,*3
Custom Page 2 Message Light On *5#2E
Custom Page 2 Message Light Off *5#3E

Important: All other VoiceTrak parameters must be set to Default.

Use Tone/Cadence file:


Transfer to fax machine. The tone table includes incoming fax detection. You may add an "X" type mailbox which transfers to a fax machine. Also add a line to the VOICE.BAT file which says: 'SET FAX_BOX=xxx' where xxx is mailbox for the fax machine. Not all fax machines send good CNG tones and will not transfer, but if fax tones are detected, the call will transfer to the extension specified in the FAX_BOX setting.

Programming Notes

The ASC/VM card needs to insert a digit recognizable by the Voicemail system to allow a call being forwarded to the voicemail port to go directly to a users greeting. The ASC card cannot insert a #, and therefore we recommend the digit "7" to be inserted.

A mailbox needs to exist for any pilot hunt group number

On a call forwarded from a station, if all ports are busy the call goes to an ACD treatment table and is handled by a digital announcement board (DAB) where the caller is placed in queue for the first available port. The ACD feature is standard on the SRX.

Set impedance of VM ports to 600 ohms

Set the SRX VM ports to disconnect with Tone.