This site includes the Unofficial Samsung Tech Support Page and documents to help integrate VoiceTrak systems with Samsung Telecommunications America products.

Sea To Sea Communications Inc. is an authorized Samsung Telecommunications dealers serving the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

This is our unofficial site for tech tips on STA products. This is not sanctioned by STA and is recommended only for certified VoiceTrak technicians.

Unauthorized Samsung tech notes - current shipping digital systems

Older Unauthorized Samsung Tech Support Page 

Samsung Digital Products - voice mail integrations

The Samsung digital integration works with all Samsung digital products (nice product design!)

Samsung digital products are now shipped under the "OfficeServ" name.  
Products currently shipping are:  OS7400, OS7200, OS500 and OS100
These are also known as the DCS 100, DCS 500, etc.

Digital products no longer shipped by Samsung include the original DCS, DCS Compact and DCS 400si.  The same VoiceTrak integration notes work with all DCS and OS products listed here.

Samsung DCS (iDCS and OfficeServ lines)

Samsung Analog Products

These products are no longer manufactured or supported by Samsung (but they still work just fine!)

Samsung / Prostar 816 (not the Plus!)

Samsung / Prostar 816 Plus

Samsung / Prostar 1224

Samsung / Prostar 56 / 120



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