Northern Telecom

As a general rule, there are three possible integrations with NorTel products.

  1. Proprietary integration using in-band (DTMF) signaling. Using the VMI units we can provide a solution to certain system using DTMF integration. See the jump below to our 616 and Modular integration.
  2. Proprietary integration, but VoiceBridge offers a solution to provide a non-proprietary integration using SMDI. See SMDI Integrations below.
  3. No voice mail integration is available, but you can use supervised transfers and "dumb voice mail". Older SL1 systems could fall into this category. While this will work, transfers tend to be slow and the customer must understand the limitations before you install the system.
  4. Adding voice mail to certain systems would be foolish and put your wallet at risk. Make sure you know what you're doing before you make the sale. If in doubt, test the integration before accepting their money. Some big, old Nortel systems can handle voice mail if you upgrade the system - others can not.

SMDI Integrations Certain SL1 and other Northern Telecom BIG IRON

Many big iron systems don't include advanced voice mail integration as part of the system. To obtain features like message waiting indication and the ability to forward an individual telephone to a specific voice mail box, you must use a 3rd party integration unit. Note that a VoiceBridge unit and a VoiceTrak unit together cost far less than a proprietary voice mail system!

Compact 616 & Modular Norstar Systems with DTMF integration via VMI units



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