Mitel SX200 Digital or SX200 Light

Manufacturer: Mitel

Model: SX200 Digital or Light

Software Version: 1004 Generic Software (or higher)

Hardware Requirements: ONS Line Card (NOT COV!), 9109-010-000 -- 12 circuit card (others may work)

VoiceTrak Parameter Settings:

Custom Page 2 Message Light On Set by tech - see Mitel docs
Custom Page 2 Message Light Off Set by tech - see Mitel docs

Important: All other VoiceTrak parameters must be set to Default.

Use Tone/Cadence file: Call VoiceTrak Tech support for help with Accucall


Transfer to fax machine. The tone table includes incoming fax detection. You may add an "X" type mailbox which transfers to a fax machine. Also add a line to the VOICE.BAT file which says: 'SET FAX_BOX=xxx' where xxx is mailbox for the fax machine. Not all fax machines send good CNG tones and will not transfer, but if fax tones are detected, the call will transfer to the extension specified in the FAX_BOX setting.

Mitel documentation indicates this switch should provide an excellent integration.

VoiceTrak Mailbox Types - All mailboxes should be N type for no monitoring.

Phone System Programming Tips

Class of Service

The ports used for VoiceTrak must be identified as Voice Mail ports in the system class of service.

Specific programming

Enable these class of service options for the VoiceTrak ports:

COS 212 (Flash it talking to incoming trunk)

COS 216 (Data Security)

COS 259 (Sending Message)

COS 261 (Identify ONS as voice mail port)

Enable these class of service options for all mailbox holders:

COS 231 (Notify of message via bell)

-or COS 232 (Notify of message via lamp)

Program the ONS VoiceTrak circuits in one hunt group (Form 17, hunt groups)

Assign an access code to feature 24 (abbreviated dial access) in form 02 (feature access codes).

Assign an access code to feature 41 (send message).

Disconnect signals have not been tested. It appears that option 22 may be used to send dial tone to VoiceTrak, providing a disconnect signal.

Enable system option 21 (incoming to outgoing call forward) so trunk calls can reach the ONS VoiceTrak ports via a forwarding system abbreviated dial number.

Message Waiting Lights

Check the Mitel docs to establish codes for message waiting indication.

Call Forward to Voice Mail Box (Trailing Digits)

An individual extension can be forwarded to a speed dial number on a busy/no answer forward basis. In operation, calls may be transferred to a station and if the call is busy or not answered, the caller will forward according to the instructions in the speed dial string. Note that it may be necessary to program forwarding on both internal and external calls.

To forward to a mailbox, VoiceTrak needs a string of:

<Dial VoiceTrak> <Pause for answer> <Send #> <Send Station Number>

Available Mitel codes are:

# DTMF #

0-9 DTMF digits 0-9

The sequence to forward a station to a voice mailbox should be similar to:

# *6 *9 *9 (# + Ext + 2 sec pause)

This should provide a slight pause after the code is dialed, allowing the caller to hear the entire message.

Tip: Use system-wide speed dial codes to make administration simpler.


One dealer suggests the following no-answer forward sequence:

(Hunt Group Number) *9 # *9 *6 *9

The dealer suggests these light codes:

Retrieve Message Button

A button may also be established to retrieve messages. The sequence needs to be:

<Dial VoiceTrak> <Pause for answer> <Send *> <Send Station Number>

The sequence to access a mailbox to retrieve messages should be similar to:

** *6 *9 *9 (* + Ext + 2 sec pause)

It will be necessary to experiment in order to determine the optimal sequence and number of pauses for your particular installation.

Also note that if this sequence is programmed as a system-wide speed dial code, programming individual stations will be greatly simplified.

Note that the caller will hear ringback tone while the digits are sent to VoiceTrak. The caller is not connected to VoiceTrak until the last pause or digit is complete.

For further Mitel Information

This information was provided by W.E. Telecommunications, Inc. We have found their sales and technical support staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. WETEL provides refurbished Mitel equipment and can be reached at 800/727-0956.