Fujitsu Series III and SBCS

Manufacturer: Fujitsu

Model: Series III

Software Version: 1.2 (Same integration for GTE Starlog and Fujitsu SBCS)

Hardware Requirements: Single line cards

VoiceTrak Parameter Settings:

Custom Page 2 Message Light On *1E
Custom Page 2 Message Light On #1E

Important: All other VoiceTrak parameters must be set to Default.

Use Tone/Cadence file: FUJITSU.III

The VOICE.BAT file should include the line: SET PBXTYPE=PRO56 (This allows direct calls to ID the station for auto logon)


Transfer to fax machine. The tone table includes incoming fax detection. You may add an "X" type mailbox which transfers to a fax machine. Also add a line to the VOICE.BAT file which says: 'SET FAX_BOX=xxx' where xxx is mailbox for the fax machine. Not all fax machines send good CNG tones and will not transfer, but if fax tones are detected, the call will transfer to the extension specified in the FAX_BOX setting.

System Stability

The Series III system does not appear to provide consistent tones for ringback and busy. A series of tests on the busy and reorder tone indicated a variation in frequency. When VoiceTrak is installed on subsequent switches it may be necessary to run Accucall to establish the frequencies of that particular switch. The dealer may also choose to increase the allowed deviation to detect a larger range of frequencies. It may be necessary to repeat tests for disconnect signal several times in order to insure an accurate reading.


The voice mail integration patterns allow several choices between STV=1 to STV=4.

Use STV=4.

The STV=4 option will do the following:

Calls forwarded to VoiceTrak will receive the extension number

Direct intercom calls from an internal extension to a voice mail port will sent to VoiceTrak "* + Extension number". This means the system will automatically log on to the appropriate mailbox and the calling party will be prompted to enter the password (if established) or will recite the message count (if no password established).

No integration is performed on calls transferred to voice mail or CO calls which ring directly to a VoiceTrak port.

VoiceTrak Programming

The VoiceTrak mailbox length in setup/custom/page 1 must match the Fujitsu. If 4 digit extensions are used it is required that 4 digit mailboxes are used. The VoiceTrak Fixed/Variable option on setup/custom/page 2 must be set for fixed.

The Digit Trap feature on setup/custom/page 1 must be set for 2 (or some other value if necessary).


The VoiceTrak digit trap feature creates a short silent period when VoiceTrak goes off-hook to answer an incoming call. If the extension number is dialed during this window, as it would be during call forwarding, VoiceTrak will start playing the personal greeting of the called party.

During this window of silence it is also possible for a system user to place a direct intercom call from a station to the voice mail system. In this case the phone system will call VoiceTrak, the VoiceTrak system will go off hook and provide a window of silence, the phone system will send * + extension number during the silence and the calling party will hear either, "Please enter your password" or the current message count, depending upon whether or not a password has been established.

If a direct intercom call is initiated from a station that does not have a corresponding mailbox, VoiceTrak may return an error recording indicating an invalid number or mailbox. If the VOICE.BAT file includes the line "SET PBXTYPE=PRO56" it will change the system logic so invalid logins will send the calling party to the current Salutation.

If a call is made to VoiceTrak, and no DTMF digits are sent to VoiceTrak during the window of silence (as would happen with callers transferred to VoiceTrak or CO calls programmed to ring directly to VoiceTrak), the window of silence expires and VoiceTrak starts playing the currently programmed Salutation. If a valid station number/mailbox number is dialed after the Salutation begins to play, VoiceTrak will transfer the caller to that station (or follow the rules in effect for that mailbox).

The opening window provides two ways to handle the dialing of a mailbox number. Since the phone system can send only the mailbox number on a forwarded call, the window allows VoiceTrak to forward the call to a personal greeting. If the same number is dialed after the window of silence expires, the call is transferred to that station.

Disconnect signal

The Fujitsu Series III provides neither a DTMF string disconnect nor a loop current disconnect signal. We are forced to use the less reliable and slower 'busy tone/reorder tone' approach to detect disconnect. It is suspected that these tones are dissimilar between actual CPU units, so it's highly recommended that Accucall be run for each switch. Be sure to test for disconnect by calling VoiceTrak and going on-hook during the opening Salutation. The system should clear after a few seconds. If the port does not clear within several seconds it is necessary to run Accucall again until it works properly.