Ericsson MD110

Manufacturer: Ericsson

Model: MD110

Software Version: 7.0B - With Voice Mail software

Hardware Requirements: ICU, Single line ports

VoiceTrak Parameter Settings:

Custom Page 1 No Answer Return 2
Custom Page 1 Busy Return 2
Custom Page 2 Message Light On #E
Custom Page 2 Message Light Off *E

Important: All other VoiceTrak parameters must be set to Default.

Use Tone/Cadence file: MD110.ERI

The VOICE.BAT file must include several extra lines before this will work. Read carefully!


Transfer to fax machine. The tone table includes incoming fax detection. You may add an "X" type mailbox which transfers to a fax machine. Also add a line to the VOICE.BAT file which says: 'SET FAX_BOX=xxx' where xxx is mailbox for the fax machine. Not all fax machines send good CNG tones and will not transfer, but if fax tones are detected, the call will transfer to the extension specified in the FAX_BOX setting.

Disconnect Signal

The Ericsson provides a disconnect signal via the RS-232 cable.

PBX Ports

A new file must be created in the C:\C2C directory. This file must list the actual Ericsson extensions which are connected to VoiceTrak. If the extensions 1280, 1281, 1282 and 1283 are connected to ports 1-4 of VoiceTrak, the text file of PBXPORTS.DAT would include 4 lines and would appear exactly as:





This file would include only the four lines, and the Ericsson extensions would appear in the exact order they are connected to VoiceTrak.

VoiceTrak Programming

The VOICE.BAT file must include the following set commands:

set pbxtype=ERICS

set ERICSLEN=X > Where x is the EXTENSION LENGTH on the system

' The next several lines set the data communications link

set comport = x ' Where x is the RS-232 port to use on VoiceTrak (1 or 2)

set baudrate=y ' Where y is the baudrate (suggested 1200)

set parity=0 ' Must match the Ericsson (0=none, 1=odd, 2=even)

set databits=8 ' Must match the Ericsson (5, 6, 7 or 8)

set stopbits=1 ' Must match the Ericsson (1 or 2)

' set datadelay=0 ' See special note below

Note on datadelay: This parameter sets the time to wait between the transmission of each character in the transmit buffer, in tenths of a second. If datadelay is set to 1, there will be a tenth of a second delay between each character sent (for MWL information). It was not necessary to set this parameter at our beta sight and we recommend that this line not be added to the voice.bat file.

Message Waiting Indicators
To forward the phone to voice mail
Ericsson Programming
Other notes

The Ericsson sends a >hello= to VoiceTrak, and VoiceTrak sends back a >howdy=. You will know the link is OK as the VoiceTrak Debug window will show ALink OK@ and give the time on a regular basis.