Samsung Business 
Telephone Systems

Samsung has exited the business telephone market and is no longer offering new equipment or software updates.

We are certified on almost all Samsung systems and able to provide technical support.

Sea To Sea has a limited inventory of refurbished and unused Samsung equipment and telephone sets, and most products should remain available from companies specializing in refurbished equipment.  However, direct technical support will no longer be provided by Samsung.

Sea To Sea will continue to support existing customers with Samsung equipment as available.  We also offer high-quality products from alternative manufacturers and technologies, with a focus on SIP and other IP solutions.


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CallTraffic is an on-line call-accounting system for Samsung business telephone systems.

You can receive automatic reports by e-mail with details about your business and phone traffic.  You can also create custom reports on demand using our easy web interface.

There is no equipment to purchase and our month-to-month service means there is no obligation or contract to sign.  A simple entry in your firewall and a few settings in your phone system is all that's required. 

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Voice Mail Software Development

Sea To Sea Communications develops, manufacturers and supports several voice mail products including VoiceTrak, WavMail, Daily Lifeline and more.  We also offer the CallTraffic and CallTrak call accounting packages.

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Sea To Sea Communications...

... is the telecommunications software company providing these products.  We've provided voice processing solutions since 1991.

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